Sunday, April 28, 2013

Day three below the line

Look how many boxes I unpacked in two hours,
and on an empty stomach! I'm proud of me :)
My strategy of skipping breakfast yesterday worked well, so I used it again today. Even though I was a little hungry when I woke up, I spent two hours unpacking before I ate. Around 10:30am I heated another 1 cup portion of peas (#3 out of 4, in case you are keeping track ) with 1 cup of water to make soup. I ate about 2/3s of it and saved the rest for later in the day. The peas that were unbelievably delicious just yesterday have lost their appeal. I didn't have to remind myself to save some of them for later - this time I just stopped eating and was surprised to see so much left in the bowl.

Yesterday I ate peas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and second dinner. I'm sick of peas. But I don't have much choice, and there's only 1/3 of a cup left in my bowl...

I summoned my will power and told my stomach to STFU and ate the rest of the peas around 1:45pm. They were getting hard to swallow. I cannot imagine eating my last portion of peas for dinner tonight. The thought makes me feel sick. I'll save my fourth and final cup of peas for the last day of the challenge. I'll cook up lentils tonight.

Breakfast and lunch - no more peas please
So I've learned I can't make it two days on the same food. I have new found empathy for those who may have enough to eat, but not enough variety to eat. I did my best to "mix things up" with my peas (see my previous post), but apparently that wasn't enough to fool my stomach. Eating the same thing meal after meal sucks. It's not even that you get tired of the flavor. It's just… nauseating, like my best friend told me on the first night of the challenge.

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