Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LBTL 2015: Day 4

Remaining staples, without potatoes
When I got home from work, I calculated what I'd eaten during the day:

The final portion of shepherd's pie (still delicious, best thing I've made all week): $0.37
Roasted root veggies from last night: $0.28
Cabbage slaw: $0.15

Potato "leek" soup
That's a total of $0.80. $0.70 left for dinner. Deja vu. I'll need to think about lunch tomorrow as I make dinner tonight. I've finished all my leftovers - except the mountain of mashed potatoes I made on day 1. 5 portions of those remain. In fact, potatoes are the only ingredient that's not running low. I have 3.6lbs of potatoes still in the bag. And while I'm sick of them, it's the reason hunger hasn't hit this year. And even the rest of the ingredients aren't super scarce. They are certainly enough to get me through the finish line tomorrow night.

One portion of roasted cabbage. I ate three.
I decided to make something like a potato leek soup tonight. I put 3 portions of mashed potatoes ($0.18), 1 onion ($0.10), 2 T oil ($0.12) and 1 tsp of salt ($0.01) in a pot with water to boil. Of all the food I've made this week, the potato leek soup was a close second to the shepherd's pie, and far superior to the other soups I've made this week. I served out two portions at $0.21 each. I had one as an early dinner, and am looking forward to having the second at work tomorrow. $0.49 left in today's budget.

Next to the potatoes, cabbage is my most abundant resource right now. I cut 4 portions of cabbage ($0.52) into wedges and roasted with 2 T oil ($0.12) and salt ($0.01) in a 425 degree over for about 45 minutes. Each wedge comes out to about $0.16. I ate three of them as my second dinner, and saved the last for tomorrow. That brings today's total to $1.49. Barely under the line again!

Can't wait until I finish out tomorrow. It feels like it's been so much longer than it has been.

I hope you will take a stand against extreme poverty with a donation.

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