Saturday, March 16, 2013

A Pope for the poor

I couldn't be more delighted. The new Pope says he wants "a poor Church, for the poor", the BBC report today.

Sarah Silverman (and others) have done a great job articulating why the Vatican's wealth-hoarding ways should end.

His roots as a Jesuit from Latin America made me hopeful that he would understand the problems of extreme poverty. And when he took his new name (the name of my favorite Saint), Pope Francis I had already signaled his commitment to helping the poor and living a life of poverty. He declined to wear the gilded cross and other symbols of wealth associated with the Papacy.

And now he is speaking forthrightly about the concept of a poor Church early into his reign.

I am hopeful. It's difficult to know how much wealth the Vatican controls, but the physical manifestations of that wealth are on display. A shift in priorities of Vatican spending, the sale of some assets, even the example of the Pope living modestly could have huge implications for impoverished people world wide.

Keep up the good work Pope Francis I. I hope you can prioritize the poor in the Church's spending.

-Selfish Blogger

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