Thursday, August 11, 2011

1 > 0

In a post in April, I asked you for encouragement to give to the Fistula Foundation. It's common knowledge in the fundraising world that people are much more likely to give if they are asked by a friend, or if they know that their peers are giving. I was hoping that a flood of "make that gift!" comments would push me to do the right thing.

While I got some here (Thank You!), many more comments came in on my facebook page, and they were the opposite of what I had hoped to find. The general sentiment was this:

You already do so much, you deserve to spend some money on yourself. But do what makes you happy. Also, you're totally not selfish.

It's very sweet. My friends are so kind to me. While I may "deserve" to spend that money on myself, I have to ask - is it right? Is it right to spend money on a luxury instead of using it to help someone who is truly suffering? No. It's selfish. I do it all the time and I will continue to choose myself over others more often than not, but I'm trying to do it less.

Taking one right action is better than doing nothing. And if a few of us take the right action together, it's even better.

I gave to the Fistula Foundation in May. I gave enough to pay for the surgery of one woman, and hopefully change her life for the better. 1 > 0.

-Selfish Blogger


  1. You are selfish. So am I. I promise that whenever you need support for doing the right thing, I will remember that it's good for you AND the people/animals you want to help to support you instead of deter you with compliments.<3

    And incidentally, I think "you do so much already!" is part true and part code for "don't make me feel bad for not doing more."

  2. Your blog has inspired me to set up a monthly donation to IPPF since I believe efforts to curb population growth get at one of the root causes of widespread poverty. Thank you.


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